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The advantages of PU sole

Release time:2015-08-08

PU soles are extremely hardwearing, flexible and lightweight and PEIMA is a pioneer. The clear advantages of PU are:

1. The foot bed is already integrated within the cast and removes the need for this to be provided within the insoles.

2. The foaming when mixing the polymer components creates a material with an extremely low density which means it is very light in weight.

3. Since the upper and sole are bonded directly no glue has to be used which is traditionally a point of weakness in shoes.

4. The grades of firmness of a sole can be changed by varying the mixture of the components for example within the production of sports, leisure or house shoes.

5. In particular for the use of footwear outdoors, two grades of firmness can be incorporated, for example one as a soft layer in between the foot and sole and another for durable out soles.

6. It offers brilliant isolation ability particularly useful within hiking boots.

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