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PU sole foaming machine with a production line of 90 stations

Release time:2015-11-14

The PU sole foaming machine with a production line of 90 stations was delivered to Wenzhou the other day. Now the technicians are installing and testing the machine. This production line is different compared to our other old types of production line.

pu sole foaming machine.jpg

It has equipment for automatic spraying of release agent and mechanical hand apart from the automatic mould opening and clamping.

On the other old type of production lines, the injecting of the materials is handled manually, but now with the mechanical hand the process is fully automatic. What is mentionable is that the mechanical hand can not only shift left and right, but also up and down, dexterously and conveniently. Now this all-in-one production line can process all the followings automatically: spraying the release agent, opening and clamping the mould, washing the pouring nozzle and injecting the raw materials. The achievement of these functions prove that the machines of LUZHOU are changed radically from manual to automation.

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