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About rigid polyurethane foam plastics

Release time:2015-11-22

Rigid polyurethane foam plastics is with excellent insulation properties, mechanical properties, electrical properties, acoustic performance and chemical resistance, particularly, it has excellent heat-insulation properties. And its density, intensity, hardness, etc. All can be changed with different raw material formulation. Furthermore its forming construction is very convenient. So it becomes more and more widely used in the refrigerator freezer. Refrigerating transportation, building heat-insulation, industrial storage tanks and pipe heat-insulation, furniture manufacturing and other fields.

Rigid polyurethane foam plastics doesn’t occur obvious deformation under certain load and it can’t restore to its original shape after deformation when the load is too strong. The main characteristic of this kind of foam plastics are: light weight, high specific strength and small coefficient of conduction.

One of the most important characteristics of rigid polyurethane foam plastics is its small coefficient of thermal conductivity, so it is a kind of high performance or ganic heat-insulation material.

A number of factors will influence the coefficient of thermal conductivity, which is mainly relate to chemical composition of the foam plastic, spatial structure of foam, closed porosity, foaming agent and foam density and so on.

Rigid polyurethane foam plastics has the characteristics with high strength, light weight, excellent heat-insulation property, convenient to construct and so on. In recently 40 years , it is widely applied in many fields, its application is roughly divided into two categories. On the one side, it is used as heat insulation material, such as refrigerators, freezers, sandwich panels and the rigid foam insulation pipe.

On the other side, it is as non adiabatic structural material, such as furniture, sports equipment, electrical enclosure, etc. In addition, there are some products with both functions.


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