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The difference between high pressure foam machine and low pressure foam machine

Release time:2015-06-13

high   pressure foam machine

low   pressure foam machine

A.   Expensive

A.   Inexpensive

B.   Accurate fabrication

B.   Simple fabrication

C.   Effective mixing, stable and uniform cell structure of foams, good insulation   properties

C.   Ineffective mixing, unstable cell structure of foams, bad insulation   properties

D.   Strong mixing by 120~200 bar mixing chamber pressure

D.   Forced mixing in hybrid motor

E.   After completion of pouring, mixed residual material won’t be left in the   head, always around clean.

E.   Because of the mixing head internal space is large, the residual material will   be left in, in order to clean these materials, have to use solvent which   harmful to environment such as chloride methane.

F.   No residual material, produce good quality bubbles and save raw material   (about 5%~10%)

F.   More residual material, waste more raw material, more than 5%~10%.

G.   Easy to operate and maintain, keep cleanly

G.   More difficial to operate, maintain and clean

H.   Produce high quality production

H.   Hard to produce high quality production

I.   No last foaming

I.   The last foaming will waste material

J.   No pollution

J.   Use harmful material, and it’s disable in Europe.

K.   Good durability

K.   Good durability

L.   Can be used for automatic production line

L.   Only can be used for manual production


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