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           Foshan Luzhou PU Machinery Co.,Ltd is specialized in developing, producing and marketing different kinds of PU machines. Its products are sold well all over the world.The machines include: High and low pressure foaming machine, shoes soles (safety shoes) semi-automatic and full-automatic production line, spon...
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  • PU eco-friendly non-solvent leather machine line
  • 48 Work Stations Polyurethane Pouring Shoe Machine
  • 36 Station PU Shoe Sole Foaming Machine
  • Sole Forming Injecting Machine With Annular Production Line
  • High Pressure Foaming Machine
  • Color Steel Tile Foaming Production Line
  • Sponge Foaming Machine With Production Line
  • PU Ear Plugs Production Machine
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  • 24 stations PU shoes machine with production line-Uzbekistan
  • X-Y Robotic hand injection machine with turntable production line for pillow-Zhejiang
  • X-Y-Z Robotic hand injection machine with turntable production line for PU seat
  • 60 stations PU insole injection machine with production line-Dongguan
  • Three-component testing machine-Dongguan
  • Automatic PU ear plugs foaming machine-India
  • Double color 24 Stations PU shoes sole foaming machine-India
  • PU soilless culture foaming machine with automatic production line
  • High pressure foaming machine with production line-Korea
  • PU pouring machine for car horn-Guangzhou
  • Automatic PU earplugs pouring machine-Foshan
  • PU bicycle tyre foaming machine with automatic production line-Hebei
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